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Road Closing and Sale Request Application Form


The undersigned hereby applies to the Council of The Corporation of the Town of Greater Napanee to close the road allowance and sell said land as specified below:

Declaration of the Applicant

I agree to pay all appraisal, surverying, legal and administrative costs, including the cost for the land as set by the Town, associated with the closing, stopping up and selling of the said road allowance; and I also take full responsibility and will pay for any additional costs incurred as a result of an incorrect legal description being provided to the Town.

By typing in your name below, you are agreeing to the above Declaration.

This application must be accompanied by a non-refundable application fee of $500.00 and a deposit against expenses of $3,000.00, cash, debit or cheque, made payable to the Town of Greater Napanee.

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